Floating Urn
Floating Disc
Flying Boy over Truro's Pond
Canyon in the Night
Innocence Reflected
Offering of the Dove
Icarus, After
The Flyer
Looking Towards an Island
Night Bird
Hovering Child
Rotation of the Earth
Ryder Beach
Sending Aloft
Hangzhou Moon
Hiding Girl
The Explorer
Sailboat in the Fog
Boy in a Boat
Green Box
Two Girls, a Cheetah, and a Deer
Forest Glow
Two Deer
Henri's Predator
The Rower
Icarus No.I
Secrets at the Bonfire
Icarus No.I
Lost Soldier
Once Young
Man on a Bike
Old Sun-Moon
Magritte's Speckled Bird
Two Men, Hidden
Butterfly Boy
Girl with a Bird
Winged Man
Chair of Absence
Child with a Swan
Boy and a Knight
Girl with a Rainbow
Looking into the Distant Future
Lady by the Pond
Upon Further Reflection
Woman on a Journey
Charles Martin's Dream
Polish Girl 1938
Letting Go
Solitary Bird
Phases, of a Man
Book of Eyes
Star Gazer
Swan  Woman
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