Cosmic Illumination
Gold with blue eyes, 12x12 with custom frame
Gold with red and blue, 12x12 with custom frame
Balancing the Ledger
Rejoining Our Friends
Regarding the Planets
Why I Can't Do Math
A WIde Latituide
Horoscopic Sisters
Facing East
In this Horoscope
Little Red Bird
Gold portrait with stripes, 12x12 with custom frame
Celestial Questioning 6.25x9x2.75
From the Depths
Calligraphic Geometry
THe Maps Hand
Cosmic Graphis
Two children in the cosmos_1'4"x10.5x2.5
Three Men
Two Portraits #2, 12x12
Nettie+Anna  17x19x4.5
Sarah's Cosmology (two views)
 The Sensibilities9.25x12x1.25, with glass door
Portrait in gold and green, 8x8
The Sensibilities
Two Girls and a Bird, 12x12 custom frame
Hiding, 8x8
Duchess, 16x16
Young Duke, 20x16
Boy on Elephant (n/a)
A greeting (n/a)
Grid Study with Star Map (n/a)
Grid Study with Ledger (n/a)
Grid Studies 1-4, each is 8x8
Grid study #5, 16x16
Days Work Myself
Boy with Map
La Mano
Assemblage in Drawer, 11x13
Assemblage in Drawer, 11x13  (detail of opening)
Supplicant with Deer
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