Gold with blue eyes, 12x12 with custom frame
Gold with red and blue, 12x12 with custom frame
A WIde Latituide
Why Can't I Do Math  11.5x15.3x3.75
Facing East
In this Horoscope
Little Red Bird
Gold portrait with stripes, 12x12 with custom frame
Celestial Questioning 6.25x9x2.75
Two children in the cosmos_1'4"x10.5x2.5
Seated with a Glass Bottle
Two Portraits #2, 12x12
Nettie+Anna  17x19x4.5
Sarah's Cosmology (two views)
 The Sensibilities9.25x12x1.25, with glass door
Portrait in gold and green, 8x8
The Sensibilities
Two Girls and a Bird, 12x12 custom frame
Hiding, 8x8
Duchess, 16x16
Young Duke, 20x16
Boy on Elephant (n/a)
A greeting (n/a)
Grid Study with Star Map (n/a)
Grid Study with Ledger (n/a)
Grid Studies 1-4, each is 8x8
Grid study #5, 16x16
Days Work Myself
La Mano
Assemblage in Drawer, 11x13
Assemblage in Drawer, 11x13  (detail of opening)
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