"A Cartography of Dreams"

Four-person exhibition celebrating of the work of

Julia Margaret Cameron at Dimbola Lodge, her home on the Isle of Wight, UK,

opening October 2016


Dreams are true while they last.  And do we not live in dreams?  Alfred Lord Tennyson

In this exhibition, four photographers set out to answer this question posed by Alfred Lord Tennyson some 150 years ago. Their artistic exploration maps the contours of their dreams and imaginations—much like cartographers outlining the shorelines and mountains of a new continent.  For what are dreams, but a map to move us forward on a quest for understanding?

And on this journey to awareness, one artist beckons with gesture and symbol to a quiet blue world, on a search for meaning and purpose in an unknown future.  While another’s attraction to the strange and bizarre, melded with a dose of reality, creates an incongruence that implores us to look again and again.  A third artist uses color as an emotional springboard, moving us through visual dreamscapes that merge magic realism with surrealism, considering complex relationships along the way.  And a fourth artist looks through a lens of hope and possibility, longing to see the unseeable and to know the unknowable.  A quartet of dreamers and explorers they are, taking us along for the ride.

 Julia Margaret Cameron, in her timeless and moving work, sought to ennoble photography by combining the real and the Ideal. It is the hope of these four photographers to honor her legacy by creating art that encourages viewers to embark on their own expeditions, map their own dreams, and perhaps alter their directions as a result.